Programming Services

It happens - you have a project, you put together a plan, you go down a wrong road or you hire a wrong guy, and before you know it, your project is behind and you're in trouble.

Or perhaps you have legacy software - software that was good in its time, but that's a time which has passed. You need to meet todays needs with yesterday's methods, and it's just not happening.

I can help you. I specialize in legacy software, meaning that I understand that you're going to replace something that was written in a language no one uses any more, often on the fly, and even more often patched and patched again to squeeze all of the life out of it that you could, before you replace it.

And millions of your tax dollars were actually spent to train me to learn fast and produce faster, as a part of my training in the Navel Nuclear Power Program. What might seem a muddle to you will quickly become intuitive to me, and then we can began a process or repair, replace and catch up.

Another thing that I can do for you is to interview prospective employees for you. In most cases, if you knew enough to hire a good programmer, you'd just do the job yourself. We've all been caught by the guy whom the IT Recruiter swore by, who could barely spell XML, but who could give a heck of a convincing interview.

He or she won't get by me. For a small fee I'll interview a prospective developer for you and let you know what's going on.