Looking at Hiring a new Programmer?

Have you ever heard (or even said) "If I was qualified to hire someone to do this job, I'd just do this job!"

That is often the way it is when you're looking to bring a new programmer onboard. You can spend a couple hours looking at interview questions online, but do you really know if the candidate's answers are the same as the one that the website gave (or, if they are, did the candidate just read from the same website?).

You can go through a hiring agency, but sometimes even they get fooled. I can name three off of the top of my head who require no previous IT experience for the job of hiring associate. In fact, you're likely to know more than they do, and their mark-up on the hours your pay (as compared to what they're paying the person you're looking at) is as much as 100%!

For my hourly rate, I'll speak to your person and tell you if he or she will make a good addition to your team. Often I can recommend someone.

Contact me and we'll discuss your needs and what I can do for you!